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B.11 Implementation-defined Limits: <limits.h> and <float.h>

The header <limits.h> defines constants for the sizes of integral types. The values below are acceptable minimum magnitudes; larger values may be used.

CHAR_BIT        8       bits in a char
CHAR_MAX        UCHAR_MAX or SCHAR_MAX          maximum value of char
CHAR_MIN        0 or SCHAR_MIN  maximum value of char
INT_MAX         32767   maximum value of int
INT_MIN         -32767  minimum value of int
LONG_MAX        2147483647      maximum value of long
LONG_MIN        -2147483647     minimum value of long
SCHAR_MAX       +127    maximum value of signed char
SCHAR_MIN       -127    minimum value of signed char
SHRT_MAX        +32767  maximum value of short
SHRT_MIN        -32767  minimum value of short
UCHAR_MAX       255     maximum value of unsigned char
UINT_MAX        65535   maximum value of unsigned int
ULONG_MAX       4294967295      maximum value of unsigned long
USHRT_MAX       65535   maximum value of unsigned short

The names in the table below, a subset of <float.h>, are constants related to floating-point arithmetic. When a value is given, it represents the minimum magnitude for the corresponding quantity. Each implementation defines appropriate values.

FLT_RADIX       2       radix of exponent, representation, e.g., 2, 16
FLT_ROUNDS              floating-point rounding mode for addition
FLT_DIG         6       decimal digits of precision
FLT_EPSILON     1E-5    smallest number x such that 1.0+x != 1.0
FLT_MANT_DIG            number of base FLT_RADIX in mantissa
FLT_MAX         1E+37   maximum floating-point number
FLT_MAX_EXP             maximum n such that FLT_RADIXn-1 is representable
FLT_MIN         1E-37   minimum normalized floating-point number
FLT_MIN_EXP             minimum n such that 10n is a normalized number
DBL_DIG         10      decimal digits of precision
DBL_EPSILON     1E-9    smallest number x such that 1.0+x != 1.0
DBL_MANT_DIG            number of base FLT_RADIX in mantissa
DBL_MAX         1E+37   maximum double floating-point number
DBL_MAX_EXP             maximum n such that FLT_RADIXn-1 is representable
DBL_MIN         1E-37   minimum normalized double floating-point number
DBL_MIN_EXP             minimum n such that 10^n^ is a normalized number

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