7.8.6 Mathematical Functions 数学函数

There are more than twenty mathematical functions declared in <math.h>; here are some of the more frequently used. Each takes one or two double arguments and returns a double.

sin(x)  sine of x, x in radians
cos(x)  cosine of x, x in radians
atan2(y,x)      arctangent of y/x, in radians
exp(x)  exponential function e^x^
log(x)  natural (base e) logarithm of x (x>0)
log10(x)        common (base 10) logarithm of x (x>0)
pow(x,y)        xy
sqrt(x)         square root of x (x>=0)
fabs(x)         absolute value of x


sin(x)  x的正弦函数,其中x用弧度表示
cos(x)  x的余弦函数,其中x用弧度表示
atan2(y,x)      y/x的反正切函数,其中,x和y用弧度表示
exp(x)  指数函数e^x^
log(x)  x的自然对数(以e为底),其中,x>0
log10(x)        x的常用对数(以10为底),其中,x>0函数
pow(x,y)        计算x^y^的值
sqrt(x)         x的平方根(x>=0)
fabs(x)         x的绝对值

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